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Here’s where you can discover why we created this site as well as find answers to any questions about Guide

What is is a virtual world where children can play games, have fun and interact with each other. Each player starts by building a custom 'ThumBuddy.' A ThumBuddy is an avatar that visitors use to explore the site and interact with one another. Once a visitor has customized their ThumBuddy, they can explore the site and interact with other ThumBuddies. ThumBuddies interact on the site by playing games, sending greetings with limited chatting, and/or by using a set of predefined actions. By playing games, players earn virtual 'currency' that they can use to further customize their ThumBuddy or furniture for their ThumbHut.

Who is for? is designed for 6-14 year old boys and girls, but is open to children of all ages.

Why charge anything at all?

Instead of financing parts of our operations through advertising, as most sites do, relies mainly on paid memberships. This way, we are better able to provide a safe environment for kids, one that is free from intrusive or inappropriate types of advertising.

Member Safety

Personal Safety Online

To help ensure the safety of children visiting, we encourage parents to review the following precautions with them. These precautions are foundational in developing an intelligent and safe approach to using the Internet, on or elsewhere. Here are some general rules of thumb:

  1. Never give out personal information. This includes your name, age, address, phone number, and/or school. Keep that stuff private!
  2. Do not give your password to anyone except your parents. Someone could assume your identity, gain access to your personal info, and get YOU in trouble. No good can come of it. Trust us.
  3. If anything seems weird, tell us and tell your parents -- especially if anyone does something that makes you uncomfortable or if they ask for your personal info.
  4. When choosing a ThumBuddy name or an account password, don't choose something that reflects your real identity or location. That means no street addresses, cities or states, phone numbers, zip codes, or nicknames. It's also best to avoid names that are in any way suggestive. Even if it seems innocent or funny, it could cause you unwanted drama.
  5. Never, ever accept an invitation to chat, e-mail or meet outside of We cannot offer protection, moderation or safety outside of the site.

Stick to these basic rules of thumb and you are more likely to have a positive experience on the web!

Safety Measures

What personal details does collect, and are those details safe? collects only the information necessary to enable users to build an account and access the site safely. Typically this means we collect an e-mail address and a username. We do not use any personal details or contact information for any kind of solicitation. We do not sell any of our contact information. We voluntarily conform to the U.S. Department of Commerce's Safe Harbor Principles. Details of our strict Privacy Policy can be found here.

Safe Chat

To ensure the safest possible environment, we've 'canned' the chat on the site. That is to say, there is a list of safe, appropriate responses that members have to choose from. So long as they stay inside the site, they will not be able to enter their own responses or engage in unscripted chat.

This limits what users can say - they choose dialogue from a predefined menu of greetings, questions, and statements. When it comes to chatting, these users can only see other Ultimate Safe Chat messages.